Sustaining the natural resources with smart grid essay

Towards this end, there are more government regulations and incentive programs that have been put into place to make sustainable development a more attractive option for program and project managers.

The absence of credible, quantitative charac- terizations of Earth's resources likely to be available for coming centuries, which may be compared with the range of future global demand, makes the arguments more compelling.

Environmentalists emphasize both today's costs of growth and the dismal implications for the future. For instance, plants produce oxygen that humans need for respiration.

The expansion of "habitability" to include also the preservation of ecosys- tems apart from the value they provide to people assumes an answer to the philosophical question about the equitable treatment of all living things, of which humanity is but one see Meyer-Abich, this volume.

Among many ways that promotes sustainability, one of them is buying a smaller house is going to consume less energy as compared to a big house.

About 60 percent of the North American population lives in cities of more than a million people. It is interesting to note that the smart phone is a marvel of modern information technology that is owned by hundreds of millions of consumers around the world.

These areas then become the centers of smaller clusters. Transmission lines can vary in length from hundreds of feet to hundreds of miles, with voltage ranging from 46kV to kV. We also care where we dwell. Green spaces also help regulate climate and quality of air, insulates rivers and streams from polluted runoff and lowers energy usage by dealing with the warming impacts of paved surfaces.

Quality of life According to David K. This means that energy storage is mostly not used, as the mains electricity grid is organised to produce the exact amount of energy being consumed at that particular moment. With a smart step testing system, smart valves and smart meters can replace workers out in the field and would require only one person at a computer terminal.

Sustaining the Environment & Natural Resources

There are, however, many areas in the U. Members of these Communities are people that share their interest and work in a partnership with government and other institutional organizations to push the use of IT to improve the quality of daily life as a consequence of different worsening in daily actions.

They enable the effective practice of personal responsibility and the development of mechanisms to protect the environment. The transmission system cannot simply be run at full capacity, accommodating both peak loads and base loads.

I am a pessimist about the ability of elite "brain trusts," scientific or political, to plan globally much beyond the present. Page Share Cite Suggested Citation: Each ingle kW Pelamis could generate the same amount of power as a wind turbine.

Third-generation technologies are not yet widely demonstrated or commercialised. To change the vision of the culture two things have to occur. Research is underway to finance, build, operate, and regulate a super grid in order to enable the trading of renewable energy across great distances.

Such a broad dynamic concept makes the power of the human brain the crucial renewable resource, to be applied to the management and development of natural resources necessary for human better ment.

What is Sustainable Living?

The evolving availability of the resources and the efficiency of their use globally are usually neglected. Problems with end-user plumbing can then further decrease water quality.

If pumping distances in the Southwest U. For example, hydropower plants, ocean thermal plants, osmotic power plants all provide power at a regulated pace, and are thus available power sources at any given moment even at night, windstill moments etc.

In Section 2we present an overview of the technological elements of the smart water grid in a systems context. Rotor problems can also occur, such as Loss of field, and field ground. One side of the "Artificial Leaf" produces bubbles of hydrogen, while the other side produces bubbles of oxygen.

There are two major issues that prevent sustainable development from happening.A theoretical smart water grid begins at the water source, where smart meters, smart valves, smart pumps, and flood sensors are installed.

Water continues on through water treatment with more smart meters, valves, and pumps. Preserving and Sustaining Natural Resources.

Smart city

October 3, By: Leo Asuquo. INTRODUCTION. The risk of violence of the allocation of shared resources is acute where the resources are scares due to insatiable global demand. This comes at the time that this resources or it’s availability are diminishing, in general the developing world.

Energy Efficiency and Sustaining Resources For the Future - Energy Efficiency and Sustaining Resources For the Future Do Americans or human beings as a whole need to be more energy cautious. A useful definition to start to call a city “smart” is when “investments in human and social capital and traditional (transportation) and modern (ICT) infrastructure fuel sustainable economic growth and a high quality of life, with a wise management of natural resources, through participatory government” (Caragliu, ).

Sustainable energy is energy that is consumed at insignificant rates compared to its supply and with manageable collateral effects, especially environmental effects.

Sustainable development

Another common definition of sustainable energy is an energy system that serves the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their energy needs. Sustaining Security JUNE How Natural Resources Influence National Security “Over the next 20 years and more, certain pressures – population, resource, energy, climate, economic and environmental – could combine with rapid cultural, social and.

Sustaining the natural resources with smart grid essay
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