Farmers suicide in maharashtra causes

Family members of farmers or landowners who had committed suicide during the above specified period were interviewed. This activity was carried out over the period of one month. A model worth emulating?

Methods The present formative research was undertaken in the 23 surrounding villages of KRHTC, Anji, which is located in the Wardha district of the Vidarbha region, about km east from the state capital, Mumbai. Using agricultural equipment and machinery like tractors, submersible pumps etc adds to the already surging costs.

See more from this region In Maharashtra, disaster continues to stare farming in the face At least 3, farmers committed suicide in Maharashtra inthe latest data of the National Crime Records Bureau NCRB show.

Farmers' suicides in India

These figures definitely suggest suicide rate in Vidarbha is high since in comparison to national suicide figure. Is Suicide a matter of economics? Moreover, Bt cotton technology has been very effective overall in India. In recent time, repeated crop failures, the rising cost of cultivation and debt have created a situation that is leading to farmers committing suicide in the Vidarbha region.

Suicidal ideation is as culturally accepted in south India as in some high-income countries. Anti-biotech activist groups in India repeat their claim that there is evidence of link between Bt cotton and farmers suicides, a claim that is perpetuated by mass media.

The study sought to understand the primary causes of these suicides. The population of the Vidarbha region is 1so the expected number of suicides was per year, but it was found to be inin and in year KVMs guaranteed savings and ensured loans on flexible conditions to its poor members and subsequently could prevent attempted suicides by two indebted farmers.

The wide regional as well as inter-district differences suggest the study of the region as a unit, like Vidarbha, which displayed the severe impact of farm neglect. Green Earth Social Development Consulting. On average, 3, farmers in the state took their lives every year between The relief packages were mostly amalgamations of exiting schemes.

Early-warning signals for unsustainable loans to launch a 2-pronged approach catering to both the burdened farmers as well as stressed banks. In the Indian situation, the causes are multifactorial, cumulative, repetitive and progressive, leading an individual to a state of helplessness, worthlessness and hopelessness, obviously influenced by his social strengths, and weaknesses along with his mental health status.

Andhra Pradesh, Punjab Karnataka and Orissa. Due to its medico-legal nature, information on suicides is available from national, state, and city crime record bureaus in various parts of India. So there were surely even fewer farmers in A rise of 42 per cent in fact. Moving beyond numbers; pp.

The package was aimed to diversify income sources of farmers. For West Bengal The third column presents the action proposed or being undertaken by the state and central government.

The moneylenders force farmers to sell their cotton to them at a price lower than it fetches on the market.Farmer suicides rates in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh – two large states of India by size and population – have been about 10 times lower than Maharashtra, Kerala and Pondicherry. Inthere were farmer suicides in Uttar Pradesh, a state with an estimated population of million.

Suicide of Farmers in Maharashtra Contents List of Tables v List of Figures vi List of Boxes vi Acknowledgements vii Acronyms viii 1 Introduction 1.

Suicide of Farmers in Maharashtra (Submitted to the Government of Maharashtra) Srijit Mishra Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research, Mumbai 26 January Cause wise Distribution of Suicides 36 Distribution of Methods of Committing Suicides A study, did a regional survey on farmers suicide in rural Vidarbha (Maharashtra) and applied a Smith's Saliency method to qualitatively rank the expressed causes among farming families who had lost someone to suicide.

FARMERS' SUICIDE. Since long time, Indian farmers have been facing a number of socioeconomic problems, such as harassment by moneylenders, inability to repay debts following crop loss, inability to get medical treatment for the family, etc. At least ten farmers have killed themselves every day, on average, for a straight ten years in the rich state of Maharashtra.

Farmers’ Suicides in India – Reasons and Responses

Nation-wide the farm suicides total nears the ,mark, as the data of the National Crime Records Bureau show. At least 3, farmers committed suicide in Maharashtra in.

Farmers suicide in maharashtra causes
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