Elements of periodic table trivia

The noble metals, which include silver, platinum and gold, do not all belong to the same chemical family, however. Elements in group 1 have one valence electron, elements in group 2 have two valence electrons, and noble gases in group 8 or 18 have a full outer shell of electrons. The multiple tie lines connecting the periods in the Bayley-type table are thus dispensed with.

Elements found in this position of the period are the most dense. Each shell has its own configuration of subshells named from 1s through to 7p, which gives the total number of electrons in each shell as we progress through the periodic table.

Thus, the effective bonding radius or one-half the distance between adjacent atoms in the elementary substances in their crystalline or molecular forms decreases through the first short period from 1. They are all very similar in that they have only 1 electron in their outer shell and are very reactive.

Jons Jakob Berzelius used letters to signify elements. Electron Configuration This is the first element to be discovered by a bankrupt German merchant in while he was searching for the "philospher's stone" Phosphorus What is the distance from the center of an atom's nucleus to its outer most electron?

There are probably no more than a few ounces of it on earth at any given time. There is an annoying drawback in that the element helium is removed from its usual place among the noble gases and moved to join the alkaline earths like beryllium, magnesium and calcium. O None of the incorrect answers were real chemical symbols when this quiz was written.

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Moreover, Bohr pointed out that the missing element 72 would be expected, from its position in the periodic system, to be similar to zirconium in its properties rather than to the rare earths; this observation led G.

This meant that the same symbols were applied to different groups in the two systems, which was more than a little confusing. I do like company, however, and have been known to set myself on fire with excitement when exposed to air. Carbon is unique in that it is known to form up to 10 million different compounds.

The average mass is taken due to an element having this term for varying number of neutrons. The 17 elements of the fourth period, from potassium, 19, to bromine, 35, are distinct in their properties and are considered to constitute Groups 1—17 Ia—VIIa of the periodic system. The first group, the alkali metalsthereby includes, in addition to lithium and sodium, the metals from potassium down the table to francium but not the much less similar metals of Group 11 Ib; copper, etc.

The family was also sometimes called the rare gases, but they are not actually all that rare, especially when compared to some others. The reason that they are more reactive as you go down the group is that the outer electron is further from the nucleus.

There is no longer any uncertainty about the position of any element in the ordered series of the periodic system.

Tenth Grade (Grade 10) Periodic Table and Elements Questions

The other four groups are as follows: In quantum mechanical terms these blocks are characterised by the filling of from left to right s orbitals, d orbitals and p orbitals.

There are probably no more than a few ounces of it on earth at any given time. The first scientific discovery of an element was the discovery of phosphorus by an alchemist in Mimoium has one more electron shell than Dazzium Whilst the group number indicates the number of valence electrons, the period number tells us how many electron shells an element contains.

This was interpreted in terms of the electronic structure of atoms by Niels Bohr in What does this tell you?

Historically, the discovery of triads using atomic weights rather than atomic numbers was the first hint of any quantitative patterns among the atomic weights of the elements.

They react readily even explosively with water to form a solution which contains a large amount of hydroxide ions, which is called an alkaline solution.

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Radon Element has been produced artificially and would fall under the Noble gas column. What does this tell us? The periodic table today is organized by this. Question by author doublemm.Test your knowledge of element trivia with this fun chemistry quiz.

You'll learn new and interesting facts about the elements. Mendeleev's periodic table organized the elements in order of: increasing atomic number See if you know the first few element symbols on the periodic table. Share Your Results.

Share Flipboard Email Element. The periodic table shows all the chemical elements that exist, their atomic numbers, electron configurations and chemical properties.

Periodic Table Trivia Questions & Answers : Chemistry

How well do you understand. The Periodic Table challenge is an auto-scored blank periodic table that you fill in on-line. Your score is automatically returned by our web server.

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Free student math practice. Click on the element. Argon. Four new elements have proposed names. We will update the quiz once the review period is over and the names are finalized. Today atomic number provides a one-dimensional sequence of the ordered elements. But the periodic table is a two-dimensional representation obtained by 'snipping' the one-dimensional sequence at certain points and placing the following sequences of elements underneath the previous strips or sequences.

Elements of periodic table trivia
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