A summary of the stand a novel by stephen king

Mother Abagail, feeling that she has become prideful and sinned due to her pleasure at being a public figure, disappears into the desert on a journey of spiritual reconciliation. This book is rich in detail of both the essential normalcy and the difficulties of a young person with cerebral palsy.

The explosion, which kills several people including Nick Androstakes place at the same time that Mother Abagail is discovered, severely weakened by her time in the wilderness.

Stephen King’s The Stand: Summary & Analysis

Flagg gathers his entire collective to witness the execution of Brentner and Underwood. He then returns to his classroom and fatally shoots his algebra teacher, Miss Jean Underwood.

Pitted against her is the "normal" world: Stu breaks his leg en route and drops out. The answer, given in the last line, is ambiguous: The Stand[ edit ] September 7 — January 10 The stage is now set for the final confrontation as Flagg's group becomes aware of the threat from the Free Zone.

This is more than a book about a girl with special needs. One wish comes true in this affecting novel. One chapter discusses obstacles from the medical community.

She is mainly placed in the special-ed classroom where education means being babysat in a room with replayed cartoons and nursery tunes. He opened fire at students, killing two and wounding another.

The Stand Summary

People might think her biggest problems are her obvious physical disabilities, but if Melody could speak, she would reveal that she is actually a very smart young girl. Adaptations Inthe novel was adapted by King into a television miniseries.

The tangy odor of heated dust as the house warmed up. It speaks volumes and reveals the quiet strength and fortitude it takes to overcome disabilities and the misconceptions that go with them. In most of these books humanity is brought to its knees because we are: She becomes an activist for herself, even as Draper challenges those who read her story to become activists for those who are different.

Her loving parents, especially her mother, are her champions.

The Stand by Stephen King – Book Review

Mother Abagail directs them to Boulder, Coloradowhere they struggle to re-establish a democratic society called the "Free Zone.

The original edition of the novel ends with Fran and Stu questioning whether the human race can learn from its mistakes. Instead, at Mother Abagail's dying behest, four of the five surviving members of the leadership committee—Glen Bateman, Stu Redman, Ralph Brentner, and Larry Underwood—set off on foot towards Las Vegas on an expedition to confront Flagg.

The original edition of the novel ends with Fran and Stu questioning whether the human race can learn from its mistakes.

The Stand by Stephen King – Book Review

Fran puts aside her personal feelings for Harold aside, and goes with him to the place in her dreams, to Boulder, Colorado. My favorite is probably the man trying to navigate a tunnel in the aftermath of the plague.

Unfortunately, the rest of the school is not ready to accept Melody. Moments before they are to be killed, the Trashcan Man arrives with a stolen nuclear warhead.

Melody, 11, has spastic bilateral quadriplegia cerebal palsy that silences her voice and puts her in a wheelchair. The woman, Abagail Freemantle—better known as "Mother Abagail"—becomes the spiritual leader for the survivors. Stu breaks his leg en route and drops out. A multi-faceted narrative—told partly from the perspective of primary characters—outlines the total breakdown and destruction of society through widespread violence; the failure of martial law to contain the outbreak; the military's increasingly violent efforts to censor information; the rapid collapse of society; the deliberate exposure of the virus in the Soviet Union and China to guarantee their destruction as well and, finally, the near-extinction of humanity.

Lane volunteered to be the hostage, and Loukaitis kept Lane at gunpoint with his rifle. The survivors do their best to…survive. The story ends with Charlie addressing the reader:The Stand almost defies classification. While it is certainly a horror story in the sense that frightening events and supernatural powers are depicted, it also qualifies clearly as science fiction or epic fantasy.

Stephen King introduced me to horror. He got me addicted to reading. I try to devour anything he writes, and most of the time, I am not left disappointed. He is my favorite writer, so obviously I felt compelled to summarize every one of his books using the character limits of Twitter.

And before you. Rage (written as Getting It On; the title was changed before publication) is a psychological thriller novel by American writer Stephen King, the first he published under the pseudonym Richard agronumericus.com was first published in and then was collected in in the hardcover omnibus The Bachman agronumericus.com novel describes a school.

5 epic stars for THE STAND by STEPHEN KING as we all thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience of reading this masterpiece of a novel together.

With not too many of Stephen King’s novels read and not really being all that familiar with his work, when we thought of King we thought of horror, disturbing, and very frightening came to our minds/5.

Study Guide: Discussion Topics for OUT OF MY MIND. The novel opens with a powerful discussion of the power of words and language. How. Judging from the amount of people who type “Stephen King The Stand Review” or “The Stand Stephen King review” into Google every month, its’ still on some people’s minds, happily for me.

The countdown to Halloween continues. I’m not sure why it has taken me this .

A summary of the stand a novel by stephen king
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